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Try Sharing A Link, It’s Easier Than You Think.

by Mark McKnight -

Sharing a link to a file instead of sending the file itself has numerous benefits and few disadvantages.  

How do I share a link to a file, instead of a file: 

  1. Upload the file to an online location of your choice/convenience 
  2. [Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Drop Box, Any other online storage platform]
  3. Set the desired access permissions 
  4. Copy the link to the file or folder from the platform 
  5. Share the link with the target individual or group    

What are some benefits of sharing a link: 

  1. There is no file size limit when you share a link 

  1. Large files can be shared that can’t be sent via email 

  1. Collaboration is easy with online files  

  1. Content can be updated without having to resend information the content  

What are the disadvantages of sharing with a link: 

I’ll have to get back to you on that, nothing comes to mind at all. If it’s not your usual habit then using links may take some getting used to, the benefits are worth it though.  

Try sharing that link, its beneficial and easier than you may think.   



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